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What We Offer

Achieve a healthy mind, body, and spirit with the hypo-allergenic products offered at Moon Cycle. Designed to improve one’s well-being and soundness of the mind, all our bundles of offerings are perfect for those looking to improve their quality of life.

We specialize in all-natural feminine hygiene products with a customized package sent to your door. Inquire for monthly subscription savings, by becoming a Sailor Scout! You also have the option for smaller starter kits, or you can also purchase individuals items.

We currently accept payments through PayPal, Cash App($mooncycl3), Apple Pay(2159007273), Google Pay(2159007273), and Square.

Products and Price List

All products include instructions for use. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

(Shipping Price Not Included)

  • Yoni Detox Pearl – $5.00​
  • Moon Cycle Refreshing Wash – $17.00
  • Feminine pH-Balanced Wipes – $5.00 10ct, $7.00 15ct
  • All Shuya Pads – $6.00
  • Liners (30ct), Overnights (8ct), Regular (10ct)
  • Works Very Well to Regulate Flow
  • Nanno Regular Size Pads (20ct) – $9.50
  • Seventh Generation Overnights (28ct) – $9.75
  • Yoni Steam – $7.00
  • Starter Sample Packages
  • Five Mix and Match Pads/Liners of Your Choice – $5.00
  • Nanno Regular Size Pads (20ct) – $9.50
  • Cora Tampons {Regular,Overnight,Super} (18ct) -$10 
  • Yoni Detoxifying Stay-at-Home Kit With a Disposable Sitz Bath – $20.00
  • Menstrual Cups With User Guide and Silk Pouch for Storage – $12.50
  • Yoni Eggs for kegel/strengthening pelvic floor  -$24.00 each set (jade , Rose, clear , Tigers EYE
  • Great for Busy and Active Days
  • Inquire for Photos

Regular Size 10 Count

Liners 30 Count

Regular Size 20 Count

Yoni Wash

Crystal Infused Yoni Steam

Stater Pack

Other Products

Yoni Cups

Over Nights 28Count

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