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Full Moon bundle

 Full MOON Bundle  pack!

Full Moon packages are here! Bundle pack includes  

* 1 Recharge Wash

* 3 Packs Shuya Pads(your choice )

*2 Yoni Pearls

* Rawganic & Rael Ph Balanced wipes (25 Total)

* 2 Rael thermal heating patch (Soothing Cramp relief )

* 3 healing crystal 

15% off over 100 value 


Full moon Bundle pack!
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 Welcome to Moon Cycle where wellness is Revolutionary! Your one-stop-shop for ALL natural vegan feminine hygiene.

BV, Yeast Infections, Strep B, UTI's, Fibroids, PH Imbalance, and Other Womb Illnesses Suffer No Longer!

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(215) 900-7273

Take Back Your Health. Live Like Never Before.

Staying healthy for life doesn’t have to be expensive. Discover a new improved refreshed you at an affordable coast with Moon Cycle. We offer an inventory of health and wellness products to help you on your journey to wellness.

Now’s the time to tend to your mind, body, and spirit. The time to get a new lease on life. Let me help you on your journey to womb wellness & healing.​


Peace and love! I am Otesha Sankofa, the black Sailor Moon with moon goddess magic and the tools to help guide you toward total womb wellness! Womb sickness wreaks havoc on so many women whenever it’s that time of the month, and it is such a draining process.

As a young woman, I have often struggled with heavy periods, to the point that I had become so extremely anemic I needed blood transfusions. During my period, I experienced hot flashes, dizziness, vomiting, embarrassing leaks, and more! At first, I struggled and believed that this was what women were supposed to go through.

Through achieving enlightenment by studying and research, I have found that nature has the cure for these issues that so many women struggle with. Get a variety of all-natural vegan products and suffer no longer! Moon Cycle is here for you sailor scouts. Remove toxins from your womb and feel refreshed and renewed.”

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